21 July 2014

Hello Monday: My Leopard Spots To Polka Dots

Joining up with Lisa Leonard again this week for the Hello Monday blog prompt! I love this series and the bold inspiration behind beginning each week with crisp motivation and hope.

Hello little flowers on freshly cut grass and bow sandals.

Hello feeling invigorated by nature's majestic beauty.

Hello to finding pieces of plot twists to be grateful for (both in fiction I'm reading and in my own real life storyline.)

Hello making our house our home, with our eclectic touches somehow all meshing together to showcase our personalities. The writing space of mine provides a welcome solace when I feel overwhelmed with the world.

Hello new Counting Crows lyrics to fall in love with, all in their new song, Palisades Park. That whole part about changing from leopard spots to polka dots? Yeah, I feel you on that one Adam.

Hello brand new round key gLocket now available! Don't forget to use code HAPPYGIRL for 20% off at http://glockets.com

Hello to loving my new Jabra Rox Wireless Earbuds. Have you entered to win yet?!

Hello embracing the rest of this gorgeous summer.

Hello Jimmy Fallon plush to make us laugh around here. I bought it for Roar for Father's Day and thought he might have fun keeping it at the office to provide a giggle or two when work stress is weighing on him.

What are you saying hello to this week?

20 July 2014

The Shocking Beauty Of The Right Now No. 2

Last summer I wrote a post about all the details that were filled to the brim with shocking beauty. I decided to do it again tonight to remind me everything building little and big memories in the middle of all of this, right now.

Monday adventures to start off last week, just the three of us; complete with electric blue dragonflies soaring through fiery red wildflowers, while tiny green grasshoppers jumped about. My two loves fishing side by side. Sookie's pterodactyl impersonation echoing throughout the mountainside, breaking the tranquility of quiet nature and surely scaring the fish.

Making brunch for my momma and my girl, after a special sleepover. Killer french toast, coconut oil and honey are two of my favorite things to put in it.

After a frustrating day yesterday, redirecting our energy to letting loose in the backyard. Chasing Sookie chasing Jack, who happened to be chasing a giant green ball. Four year old sing song laughter floating through the air. Thinking to myself over and over, I love this.

Watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang together as a family for the first time in the extra bedroom while our bedroom was in pieces in preparation for new carpet.

What details are filled with shocking beauty in your world right now?

18 July 2014

Creating A Life Without Limits

Lately I'm realizing that everything I thought I knew? Well, I've been wrong about a lot. Everything I thought I knew, I didn't know at all. For a long time I never thought I would be a mother, because so many messages from society told me not to dare even daydream about it. I never saw myself graduating college. I can tell you honestly when I was in 5th grade and in end stage renal failure, I was more than slightly terrified of reaching to build the life I have now. Amazing how that all works, right? Sometimes daring to even think about beautiful happenings is our biggest, most terrifying step.

No matter what kind of rules you feel pressured to follow, no matter what boxes others attempt to fit you into, there is always your own path. Forge ahead, don't look back, ask for help when you need it, but don't forget your biggest cheerleader should always be yourself. Build the life you want from scratch.

When we put fences around our dreams we are sending vibes out into the world that we don't want our wildest desires because deep down we don't think we deserve them. We wonder if we are strong enough to handle pushing beyond boundaries. I see wires in many different forms; physical, mental, emotional. Sometimes we imagine the wires ourselves and other times they can be tangible, either way we don't have to be bound or held back by them.

A life without limits, a life without wires, creating a life on your own terms while being able to design a life you love. Isn't that what we all crave?

Jabra sent me a pair of Jabra Rox wireless headphones and instantly it occurred to me that they provide freedom and music; two of my favorite things in this world. There have been several times over the course of my life when I have experienced the healing power of music firsthand; during hospitalizations throughout my life, endless hours in waiting rooms while I was going through the kidney transplant process, and when I was on bed rest during my high risk pregnancy with our daughter. And freedom? Well, right now I'm about one month shy of turning 31 and I've already lived 20 years past my predicted life expectancy. If that isn't freedom, I don't know what is. Beautiful things happen when you challenge predictions for your own story and set yourself free from limits.

Let me gush about the Jabra Rox Wireless Earbuds for a quick second. First of all, Jabra provides three different sizes of ear gels for the ultimate comfort. Plus, a protective bag for keeping the earbuds safe. The charging time is short and sweet; a simple two and a half hours and bam, you are good to go! It is refreshing to be able to have a devise I can use for walks around the neighborhood with Sookie and no wires to worry about! Connecting them to my iPhone with bluetooth is easy as pie. They are also wonderful as a simple solution for tunes while writing to keep the imagination flowing as I work on blog posts or my memoir. I often write on my Macbook late at night in bed. Many times our little princess is sleeping next to me and I want to be able to listen to something without waking her, and without the added clutter and mess of more wires.

I want to hear your stories! I've teamed up with Jabra for a fantastic opportunity not only to share your thoughts, but to win your very own pair of Jabra Rox Wireless Earbuds! Leave a comment on this post detailing your detours and how you have jumped hurdles of living a life without wires. How have you created a life without limits? What advice do you have for others looking to simplify their lives?

Giveaway is open until Friday, July 25th. Winner will be picked at random. Good luck! I can't wait to read your stories!

17 July 2014

I Feel It All

Yesterday was one of those days when every little feeling that came floating across my heart was entirely too much. Which is why I ultimately ignored those pesky emotions for a bit and jumped head first into making these crazy confetti compost cookies. Because, really? How can I be expected to ignore a recipe for cookies that includes heath bars, rainbow sprinkles, pretzels and salt and vinegar chips? And you know, I made salt & vinegar kale chips on Sunday. We ate them all that very afternoon. And a lesson which keeps swirling around me lately is that life is all about the fine (albeit difficult) art of balance.

Plus, it was Wednesday. I was listening to Holly Williams and Brandi Carlile. Jack (our dachshund) was wearing tiger striped shorts in a well played effort to distract Sookie from some grumpy feelings of her own. As I dumped peanut butter cups into the giant pink heart shaped bowl of brown sugar and eggs and stirred in all together into a mess of yummy, I gave myself a pep talk.

The cookies? So incredible beyond belief you simply have to experience them for yourself. The feelings? Oh those I made peace with; because you should never feel wrong for embracing being present, alive, and aware.

14 July 2014

Hello Monday: Wish Out Loud

Custom today is a miracle cuff from farmgirl paints

Joining up with Lisa Leonard again this week for the Hello Monday blog prompt! I love this series and the bold inspiration behind beginning each week with crisp motivation and hope.

Hello Monday!

Hello new week, new inspiration, new hope, new adventures, new pieces of the puzzle pushing me forward.

Hello finding fresh pockets of courage hidden within myself.

Hello falling into yet another gorgeous fairytale for grown ups from Alice Hoffman. Her creation The Museum of Extraordinary Things has me entranced. 

Hello homemade salt & vinegar kale chips. The recipe I used can be found HERE.

Hello throwing insecurities out the window and wearing shorts a lot this summer. Embracing my legs in all of their imperfect glory has been a tough journey, but one that I've turned a corner on and determined to see through.

Hello the beautiful work of art that is Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed's album, i'm not falling. Their heartbreak is a living being and it is showcased in a haunting yet stunning way. Their voices mesh together better than fries and ketchup.

Hello to reality sometimes being too heavy and venturing into a world where eyelash fills and pink hair make everything okay. :)

Hello catching raindrops on our tongues outside of the bookstore.

Hello to being brave enough to wish out loud.

What are YOU saying hello to this week?