25 November 2014

The Day You Drop The Knife

I believe that sometimes the most difficult thing about being a human is we are so often taught to deny our own power. To cast aside our role in our story. Our divine nature to manifest magic. When you first feel a glimpse into how all encompassing it is, it can be terrifying. That dizzying realization of your own colossal power. After all it is so easy to take a back seat and ride along with the waves, without fighting the current and refusing to live an ordinary life.

This quote hit me hard. It made an audible gasp escape from my lips when I first saw Elizabeth Gilbert's post on her Facebook page. She ended it with "peace, my dears." I actually made the above graphic way back in March. Tonight, as various things have started to come together for me, I knew it was time to write this post. I knew I finally could. Funny how that works.

You know that panic you feel when things you've been dreaming of and scheming for, start to come to fruition? That satisfaction can be terrifying and motivating. The key is to find that balance, right on that peak between oh my gosh what if this all comes crashing down around me and oh my darling but what if you create everything you've ever wanted?

I'm done being in my own way. How about you?

24 November 2014

A Few Of My Favorite Things

The above mantra. Seriously folks, I need to repeat it to myself more often these days. Perhaps we all should. Not my circus, not my monkeys. Chin up. Moving forward.

I think this would be such a sweet gift to give or receive this Christmas.

The mystery gLocket! This is my favorite gLocket special sale we've ever done. It's a good one friends!  Super price and who doesn't love a surprise?!

Olive Lane gives back and they have a new tee! This week $5 from every sale goes toward helping empower and educate battered women. I adore her designs and she's paying it forward. Double win!

This song that was in St. Vincent with Bill Murray. Bronze Radio Return; Further On. Turn it up. Twirl in your sweatpants. Shimmy. Shake. Conquer the world. Then listen to Aretha Franklin's version of Let It Be and do simply that with all the stuff you can't make sense or logic of.

These Kindness Elves make me smile really really really big.

Lil Blue Boo, aka Ashley Hackshaw. I'm quite certain she's an angel. I'm lucky enough to call her a friend too. Every visit to her space on the internet leaves me inspired, motivated, humbled, and ready to be better and bigger tomorrow.

These delicious leggings from Three Bird Nest make me want to release my inner Carrie Bradshaw and frolic around Manhattan.

I'm reading The Night Circus. I am head over heels. I'm about 35% of the way through. The whole notion and story of the twins? I'm obsessed. It is like a cross between Alice Hoffman and Harry Potter. Basically, two of my favorite things in the universe.

What are a few of your favorite things these days?

20 November 2014

10 Things To Remember On A Bad Day

We all have them for various reasons that range from car problems, to bigger hurdles like major life changes. A bad day can get the best of you, or you can arm yourself with tools and do your best to turn it around with these quick and easy tips! :)

1. Perspective: Somewhere someone is having a worse day than you are. My go to perspective game changer is always: Do I have a working kidney? Yes! Am I on the waiting list for a life saving organ? No. Okay, I have nothing to complain about. I can conquer whatever it is I'm facing today.

2. Grab a piece of paper and a pen. Write down a quick 5 to 10 item gratitude list. Guaranteed to instantly lift your spirits and turn your day around!

3. Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is a blank slate. If you simply can't seem to turn your day around, relish in the fact the mornings brings a fresh start to tackle the world again.

4. You're exactly where you are supposed to be in the grand story of it all. Even if this current day is not all you hoped.

5. Find the good no matter how hard you have to look for it.

6. Do you have one or more of the following? Clean water, a roof over your head, people who love you? You're extremely blessed. All three? You're golden.

7. Books offer an instant vacation, even for 10 minutes. Pick one up, start reading, and think about another reality for awhile.

8. A quick walk is also a wonderful way to turn a bad day around. Often, a fast 15 minute journey around the neighborhood is enough to reenergize my body and offer other ways to look at the things that are bothering me.

9. Focus on the beauty of every little thing. The clouds in the sky, the melody of your favorite song, the softness of a sweater. The more you find beauty, the more it will find you.

10. Spend some time with a child. Engage in imaginary play with them, which will enrich their day as well as yours.

17 November 2014

The Today Is A Miracle Shop

The today is a miracle shop is now open! I've teamed up with my favorite graphic designers, Olive Lane and Danielle Burkleo of Take Heart to bring you two beautiful designs available in white and gray options. As of right now there is also a kids tee (in purple! my favorite!) and a darling tote bag for the library or a quick grocery store trip. These tees are a multi-faceted mission of mine! One reason is to celebrate the 20th anniversary of my kidney transplant that occurred last month, on October 18th. Another reason is to fundraise and give back to the community that has given me so much over the years. $5 from every tee purchased will go to the Cystinosis Research Network.

I've been dreaming up this project since May! I'm ecstatic about it's launch! I've been obsessed with the phrase today is a miracle ever since I wrote THIS blog post in April. I adore the notion, the reminder this day is a gift and it is quite a miracle we are all here, no matter what we have had to fight against to arrive right at this spot in our story. I think so often we can get caught up in the idea of a cure (whether it be for cystinosis, cancer, MS, etc.) that we can forget to embrace the power of today. 

An excerpt from that post in April:

I've been thinking a lot about different perspectives when it comes to living your story when a rare disease is a piece of it. Your normal is your normal...and no one else's. My health is only but a tiny facet of the entire scope of my being. I know that 10 years into one journey can, and will, look extremely different than 30 years into it all. And still? And still we are all so unique, even under the realm umbrella of living with cystinosis. I've never felt like I would be me without it. I don't loathe it. Yes, sometimes things are difficult...but that is existing on this earth. Every single human has their mountain. The funny thing is, it isn't even a mountain to me any longer. I think I'm more hopeful about the future than I have ever been. My life isn't horrible because of a lovely little flaw in my DNA; it makes me who I am.  It doesn't have to dictate anything I do (it truly doesn't.) Looking back on where I've been over the years and what I've experienced, I wouldn't change anything; health wise or otherwise. There is a tremendous peace with the current place I'm in.

If I could say one thing to anyone out there waiting for a cure...for anything, whether it is cystinosis, or cancer, or cystic fibrosis, or MS, it would be this:

It is a beautiful thing to have hope. It is a fabulous notion to believe in the future. However, I don't ever want to cling so tightly to tomorrow that I forget to cherish and embrace this exact minute. Today is a miracle, for everything it is right now.

Smiled With The Rising Sun

Today was cozy and we indulged in Sunday morning family band practice in the basement. Sookie was on the drums, of course. Artists we covered included Bob Marley, Queen Elsa, Taylor Swift, and Meghan Trainor. I adore that Sookie's favorite songs right now include Elton's John's Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting, Counting Crows Scarecrow, and Willie Nelson's On The Road Again. Girlfriend is going to inherit her momma's freakishly diverse music tastes. I have to say, I'm quite proud of that.

I also wasted three hours of my life going to see Interstellar, but let's not get into that. At least there was a raspberry shake and salty popcorn to keep me awake. ;)

The other day after I picked Sookie up from preschool, she remarked "I'm grateful you and daddy are healthy." I stopped mid whatever it was I was doing and wanted to explain. Then, it hit me like a wall of bricks, square in the chest. I view myself as healthy, so she does too. I view myself as healthy, because I am. It is all relative.

And as Bob would say...

...every little thing is gonna be alright.